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10 Tips To Choose The Perfect Event Theme

Interested in themed cakes from Buttercream Bakeshop, but not sure what theme your event should have? Learn how to choose the perfect theme for your event below with these 10 tips for the perfect event.

1. Determine Your Budget

First and foremost, you should think about how much money you can spend on the event. This will help guide you, and rule out more options outside of your budget.

2. Consider Your Audience

Throwing a kid’s birthday party? It’s hard to go wrong with Marvel characters! But for a more formal event like a charity auction, you would need to choose a more upscale, adult theme. So think about your guests who will be attending when designing the perfect event.

3. Get Suggestions

If you know some people who will be attending, ask them for their input and suggestions to get some inspiration. You may be surprised at the great ideas you receive.

4. Find Inspiration Online

You can also look at similar events online on websites like ours and Pinterest to get inspiration and come up with a great theme. 

5. Think About Your Venue

The venue you pick will affect the themes you can choose, so think about where your event is being held when picking a theme.

6. Consider The Season

It never hurts to go with a seasonal theme, so think about what events, holidays, and seasons will be happening around the time of your event.

7. Hire An Event Planner

Event planners can help you choose a great theme, and make the planning process much easier for large events especially weddings.

8. Choose A Costume Theme

Dressing up is always a fun way to make an event memorable, so think about a theme party that incorporates costumes

9. Get Inspired By Food

You can use the food and desserts you choose to help you create a theme. For example, catered BBQ could be ideal for a Western-themed party! 

10. Don’t Stress Too Much About It

Your theme should not be the primary goal of your event – but the backdrop or wallpaper which makes it special. If you’re properly prepared, your event will go well no matter what the theme is, so don’t worry too much about picking the “perfect” theme – just pick one that you like, and that is appropriate for your event! 

Get Inspired And Host A Great Event!

With these 10 tips, it will be easy for you to host a great event, and choose the perfect theme for your audience. Your attendees are sure to have a fantastic time at your next themed party or event. Needless to say, we’d love to provide you with the perfect dessert area!

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