Which Treat Is Best For My Event?

At Buttercream Bakeshop, we offer a wide selection of sweet treats for our customers. Wondering which one is right for your event?

Have an upcoming event?  Not sure wether a cake, tiered cake, sheet cake, cupcakes, mini desserts are the right choice for your party?  It can definitely be over whelming with so many choices. Don’t worry though!  We are here to help!  We have provided some pros and cons of each treat to help you with your decision.


Pro- Classic celebration cake.  Can be round or square. Easy to design.

Con- Can only serve so many servings.  If you were looking to serve a large amount of people, you would have to think about doing a sheet cake or tiered.

Tiered Cake:

Pro- Most elegant, eye catching of cakes.  A lot of options when it comes to design. Each tier can be a different flavor.

Con- Most expensive when it comes to cost per servings.  Also if you have to serve it, you have to have knowledge about how to disassemble the cake.

Sheet Cake:

Pro- Least expensive for the amount of servings.  Can feed larger amounts of people. Easy to cut and serve.

Con- Plainest looking. Anything over a 1/2 sheet can not fit in most refrigerators. Side by side (2 flavors in the same cake) can have a tendency to crack in the middle.


 Pro- No cutting a cake. Guests serve themselves. Can have more than 1 flavor of cake. Can be put together for a cupcake cake.

Con- Not a lot of room for design/hand drawings. More expensive per serving verses cake.

Mini Desserts:

     Pro- Most sophisticated of all dessert. Can have multiple different kinds of flavors/desserts.  All individual servings, no cutting a cake or having to serve guests.

 Con- Most expense of all desserts. Not able to do a lot when it comes to design.